Socco Forest Products is one of the finest custom lumber drying and remanufacturing facilities, committed to providing high quality products that exceed our client’s expectations.

Socco Forest Products is part of the ABM Group of Companies

Kiln Drying & Heat Treating

With up to 120 million board feet of annual drying capacity, our nine kilns can dry any species and size to your desired moisture content.

Custom Lumber Remanufacturing

Industrial sized 48-inch band resaw, with multi-pass, can cut lumber to your desired specifications.

Grading, Storage & Reloading

Offering certified grading and paper wrapping, your product is ready for shipment. If storage is required, our 10 acre site provides covered and outdoor storage options.

Wholesale Lumber and Plywood

Related company Sidca Trading is a wholesaler/distributor of plywood, lumber and building materials

Custom Treating

Related company Western Wood Preservers manufactures and custom treats quality products for industrial and residential applications